New sports logos – Inspired by Frasier Davidson

After seeing and loving Frasier Davidsons work for a few years now I decided to make some logos in his same vein. Starting with a rough reference photo, then interpreting its lines, and creating a finished product- I came out with these couple mascots- Lions and bears oh my!

Local Cleaning Company Branding

After working with a local cleaning company of a friend of a friend, I ended up producing a new logo and color scheme which we used on some business cards, brochures and website. I made the website with WordPress and the Genesis framework. There is still more work to do, but it definitely is a […]

New Personal Logo

It was definitely time to update my personal logo. I wanted a gritty hand done look to show my hands on approach and my fundamental style. I used real paint and illustrator.

Quickie- Web Addresses “infographic”

Made to client’s specifications

Human Resources Retreat Signage +

Illustrations and layout design for Home Makeover concept retreat. Agenda: Invitation: Location Map:

Product Sell Sheet Illustration

Sell sheet for a dog leash concept. Illustration

Various Social Media Designs

All of these are various designs used for social media. Photoshop/illustrator mostly.

Self Portrait Illustration, and other

Quickie Self Portrait.   And added bonus:  

Tradeshow Booth Design – World Cargo Alliance

Tradeshow booth JSI Hong Kong 2014

Trade show booth done for JSI Logistics for their appearance at the World Cargo Alliance Hong Kong tradeshow. Although the tradeshow was delayed and moved from Thailand due to political unrest- the booth itself turned out great.

Gum Packaging

Gum packaging design showing gum

This packaging was made from scratch as a promotional item to be given out to potential clients.