New sports logos – Inspired by Frasier Davidson

After seeing and loving Frasier Davidsons work for a few years now I decided to make some logos in his same vein. Starting with a rough reference photo, then interpreting its lines, and creating a finished product- I came out with these couple mascots- Lions and bears oh my!

Local Cleaning Company Branding

After working with a local cleaning company of a friend of a friend, I ended up producing a new logo and color scheme which we used on some business cards, brochures and website. I made the website with WordPress and the Genesis framework. There is still more work to do, but it definitely is a […]

New Personal Logo

It was definitely time to update my personal logo. I wanted a gritty hand done look to show my hands on approach and my fundamental style. I used real paint and illustrator.

DWI Jail Release Logo

Jail release logo Dan Putnam

Logo done for a legal company that specializes in jail release. Logo was done to very specific design specs to match clients other logo for a related business.

Women’s Center Logo Design

logo for women's answer center

Logo done for women’s center in Michigan that deals with at risk youth and other women.