Local Cleaning Company Branding

After working with a local cleaning company of a friend of a friend, I ended up producing a new logo and color scheme which we used on some business cards, brochures and website. I made the website with WordPress and the Genesis framework. There is still more work to do, but it definitely is a […]

New Personal Logo

It was definitely time to update my personal logo. I wanted a gritty hand done look to show my hands on approach and my fundamental style. I used real paint and illustrator.

Various Social Media Designs

All of these are various designs used for social media. Photoshop/illustrator mostly. http://fakelink.danielputnam.com

Self Portrait Illustration, and other

Quickie Self Portrait.   And added bonus:  

Wedding Monogram

monogram logo

Monogram done for a wedding, which was projected upon the dance floor. 100% hand done, created in Illustrator. Some preliminary sketches done with Tombow dual brush pens: (Trying to channel my inner Doyald Young)